Saturday, 11 December 2010

What is Class/Status?

Class - is a categorization about economics and lifestyle. Social classes are economic or cultural arrangements of groups in society. Examples of class are upper class, working class and lower class.

Status - is about how you are viewed by society. 

Stereotypes of Class/Status:
Upper class:
  - 'Posh'
  - Snobby
  - Wealthy/rich
  - Big house/mansion
  - Expensive clothing (e.g. designer clothing/brand names)
  - Rude/disrespectful attitude
  - Arrogant/ignorant
  - Selfish
  - Often away on business
  - Always go on holiday
  - Speak formal english

Working Class:
  - Less formal clothing, scruffy (e.g. builder)
  - Terraced housing
  - Lack of parking
  - Busy
  - Few children

Lower Class:
  - Council flats
  - Criminals (e.g. theft/burglary)
  - Do drugs/drug dealers
  - Alcoholics
  - Many children
  - 'Scroungers' (e.g. benefits)
  - 'Chavvy' clothing
  - No/few qualifications
  - Jobless (cant get one/cant be bothered)
  - Lazy

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  1. There are also upper middle class, middle class, lower middle class, and the lower cast (prisoners)