Saturday, 11 December 2010

What is Sexuality?

Sexuality - Sexuality describes the whole way a person goes about expressing themselves as a sexual being.  It describes how important sexual expression is in a person's life; how they choose to express that sexuality and any preference they may have towards the type of sexual partner they choose.  Human sexuality rarely falls into neat categories or lends itself to simple labelling. 

In recent times however, the word sexuality has come to also have a more limited meaning. Sexuality is now often defined by whether the gender of the sexual partners we choose is the same as our own or different.

Examples of sexuality:
  - Homosexual (eg. gay/camp, lesbian)
  - Bisexual
  - Transexual
  - Hetrosexual
  - Straight
  - Gender (e.g. men, women)

Representation of sexuality:
  - Clothes
  - Gestures
  - Behaviour
  - Relationships
  - Accent/speech
  - Narrow minded/limited
  - Friends

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