Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Filming pre-production

For the pre-production of the filming, we had to create a storyboard of the scene we were going to do. The scene was to film somebody walking down the corridor, opening a door, closing the door, sitting down and having a conversation. We worked in groups of four.

In our groups of 4, we split each section into 4 parts. They were: walking down the corridor, opening/closing the door, sitting down and having a conversation to another character. To create my part of the storyboard (walking down the corridor), i split my section into 4 sections:
1) long shot of the room, zoom in on character
2) mid-shot (zoomed in on person) character starts walking
3) sounds of footsteps, character comes in on scene with other character (low angle shot)
4) close-up shot of character sitting down face - serious face
Then we put all the parts together from our group to create the whole scene.

I found using the different camera angles together easy. However, I found putting the 4 sections together difficult as I had to ensure continuity so that the scene would flow and work.

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