Monday, 25 October 2010

Merlin Analysis

What representations of gender are constructed by the extract through the use of: Mise en scene / Editing / Use of camera / Sound?

The Mise-en-scene in the clip show males to be represented with higher importance. This is shown because the main character himself, Merlin, is infact a male character. Also, a majority of the other most higher or well-known characters are also males themselves, opposed to females. This could represent that at this time that it is set, males were seem as more dominant and powerful, and therefore that is why they are shown to be in a lot of the clip. Also, they are represented as being more powerful than women. For example, this is shown when they go out to fight and are in army gear. This again shows them to have the more dominant role in the clip which again suggests they are stronger and more powerful than women. They also appear to carry some sort of weapon such as swords, whereas women in the clip are only shown to look pretty. This could suggest that they are classed with higher importance due to they are the ones who seem to protect the women. This suggests that women are of not much importance and don't have much of a reason as to why they are there, but they are just there to look good. Also, in the first shot Merlin the main character is seen to be reading from a book. This could suggest that males are somewhat knowledgeable.

However, women are shown throughout the clip, but not as much as men. One example is when a witch vanishes into mid-air. This could suggest some sort of power. However, she is represented to look like an old 'hag' by the clothing and lack of tidiness. She is also represented to look somewhat unattractive. Also, because she looks like the stereotypical 'witch' this implies to the audience that she is an evil or bad character.

Also, men are also shown to be of higher importance when a woman is seen to be walking towards a male character (that is possibly the King) is seated in a throne. The fact that he is also seated in the centre of the shot also shows that he is of higher importance as he is the centre of attention. He is also seated on a step which shows higher importance because he is being looked up to, and also, looking down on people. He is also shown to be wearing a crown which suggests he is a royal member, and therefore of very high importance. Later on, he is shown to be very dominant which suggests he has power.

Editing also makes the male gender to come across to have more importance as Merlin's eyes are edited to look very magical. This is shown by the effect of a shine or glimpse in his eye which suggests that he is powerful, in some way or another. This is also shown when some sort of magical whirlwind circles around Merlin. This again shows a very important and magical role, compared to women which are shown to have neither of these in their roles.

The use of camera angles show men again to be of higher importance as they are seen to be powerful and dominant. This is shown by the use of a high-angle shot of the King when he is talking. He is also seen to be stood on a balcony talking down to people. This shows power and dominance because he is talking down to people, and we are looking up towards him which again suggests importance.

Sound in this clip is quite upbeat in order to fit in with the fantasy theme or setting. There are no song-words or lyrics, it is just a catchy tune. The effect this has makes the whole clip seem somewhat magical and keeps the audience interested by gaining their attention. The characters voices are shown to be very posh, the stereotypical 'British' voice. This could therefore suggest that it is set in a quite old-fashioned period of time. It could also suggest importance of the characters because we already know that some are of royalty and therefore need to talk Standard English to keep their reputation. However, only men are shown to be speaking in the clip which again suggests that they have higher importance in the scene.

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