Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spike Jonze Presentation

In this lesson, we worked as part of a group in order to research the director that we were given. In my group, I worked with Max, Harry, Toni and Daisy. We had to do a presentation on Spike Jonze. We all had separate roles to do for the research. I decided to find out video clips that Spike Jonze has made. The favourites we chose to use were a clip of his well-known movie/TV series: Jackass, his TV commercials for: Ikea and Gap, and then one of his music videos called 'Sabotage' by Beastie Boys. Max researched about Spike Jonze' biography and style, Harry found out the audience and Toni and Daisy helped set up the presentation. We then wrote up our own script so that we could talk about our particular part on the presentation.
In the next lesson, we had to do the presentation in our groups and listen to the rest of the classes presentations about other directors. We wrote down some notes about the directors: background information, style and the audience.
The part I found most difficult was the research as this was quite hard when I had to think about what clips would be best to use, and what were best to describe and give examples of Spike Jonze' work.

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