Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Magazine pre-production

For the pre-production of the magazine I had to create a draft copy on paper of the main front cover and the contents page. I used some inspiration from the pictures below, which I got from Mr Smiths blog.

For the front cover I had to choose what I was going to call my magazine which had to related to school, Lutterworth College. I chose to give it the name 'Couture' because I wanted to do something that related to the textiles department in the school so that my magazine could be related to fashion, which I am very interested in.

I then had to design what I wanted on the front cover and the layout of which I wanted everything. I chose to put the main photo in the centre of the cover (as this gains the most attention and stands out more) with the writing/headings around it. I ensured that I kept the masterhead at the top of the page because this is essential for a magazine as it shouldnt be anywhere else on the front cover. I also had to annotate it saying what fonts, sizes, colour etc that I would want for the writing. I made sure that I didnt use more than 3 fonts and colours.

For the contents page I also had to design the layout of where I wanted everything that I will be putting onto the magazine. I chose to do a big picture at the top of the page with the heading 'Contents' underneath it. As we had to have at least 4-5 photo's on the page, I had to ensure that I had enough room on the layout to put the pictures. I also came up with the idea that I wanted to use a film clip down the right-hand side of the page to put the photograph's in as this will look a lot more interesting. I then wrote up the contents including the page numbers in the magazine. Again, I made sure that I didn't use more than 3 fonts or colours. I also had to annotate my ideas down on the page.

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