Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Film 4 Institutions and Audience

1. What is Film4's remit (its reason and purpose for being)?

2. What types of films are green-lighted by Film4? Give examples of films and genres.
- Slumdog Millionaire
- Four Lions
- Last King of Scotland
- Venus
- Happy-Go-Lucky
- In Bruges
- This is England
- East is East

3. Why is Tessa Ross regarded as "the mother of British film-making" and therefore instrumental for Film4's success?
Ross' role has been confirmed to be one of the most important film industry executives in the UK, with a track record including the 8-oscars-winning film 'Slumdog Millionaire'. She was responsible for the making of the film and has now become like a mother figure to Britain's film industry, nurturing new talent and nursing more unestablished directors: "It's all about nurturing. This should be a very cosy place, it should be the safe place. If you can't make mistakes here at home, where can you?"

4. How much is Film4's yearly budget and how much of it did "Slumdog Millionaire take up? ( Be careful with this one as co-productions, UK Lottery money and deals with Pathe, etc. helps make Film4's budget stretch further!)

5. Why does Film4 form partnerships with other companies/individuals?

6. What is the future for Film4 - budget and film-wise?
Channel 4 is increasing the budget of Film4 by 50% to £15m per year to boost its total programming budget to £50m. The increased budget will provide the domestic film industry with a financial boost due to the Government's decision to close the UK Film Council according to David Abraham (Channel 4's chief executive).

7. What problems did Film Four face in the naughties?
Ever since 2001, after suffering a £5.7m loss (due to 'Charlotte Gray' being the most expensive film they made and a box office flop), Film 4 has been remembered for causing major financial problems.

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