Wednesday, 23 March 2011

TRON: Legacy

National audiences are targeted by films by being promoted globally. This includes investment to market the film, so that the film can get as much publicity as it can get. Disney targeted the film Tron nationally by the following marketing they used:

- Ticket sales were opened for midnight screenings in IMAX 3D theatres.

- Disney held an IMAX 3D experience on 28th October called ‘TRON Night’. Selected 3D and IMAX 3D theatres worldwide (except Southern Sweden) played a 23 minute sneak preview of the film.

- ‘TRON Tuesdays’: Every Tuesday leading up to the release of the movie (17th December), exclusive new video content, including behind-the-scenes clips, trailers and artwork, was released on the web.

- TRON: Get on the Grid Sweepstakes.

- The TRON Soundtrack including music by Daft Punk was released on December 7th to promote the film before it was released in cinemas.

- TRON products were released to promote the film such as toys, clothing and even tech gadgets.

- TRON’s video game ‘TRON: Evolution’ based on the movie was released in stores on December 7th, as well as the soundtrack, to promote the film before it was released in cinemas to gain more publicity.

- The premier of the film was broadcast live on the internet, on the official TRON facebook page.

- Disney released the first theatrical trailer on March 5, 2010 along with other films. A new trailer was released on November 9, 2010. They also released sneak previews of the film, aired on November 5th (during popular TV programmes such as ‘Suite Life on Deck’ and ‘Pair of Kings’ on the Disney Channel to promote TRON.

As well as promoting the film nationally to gain as much publicity for TRON as possible, Disney also held local marketing events, to gain more attraction from the local area. This included:

- On October 8, at the Disneyland Resort in California, a night time dance/street event was held at Hollywood Pictures, Disney California Adventure to celebrate the release of the TRON film. A sneak preview with scenes from the film was shown in 3D with additional in-theatre effects.

- Disney was involved with the Ice Hotel in Jukkasiarvi, a high-tech suite inspired by the film TRON: Legacy. The suite uses electroluminescent wire to capture the art style of the film. It’s expected to get 60,000 visitors for the season from December 2010 through until April 2011.

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