Thursday, 11 November 2010

How is mental disability represented?

Disability is represented by showing the character to be weak and defenceless. This is shown in the shot where the character gets pushed into the lockers by another student. This could suggest that people with Asperger’s syndrome are intimidated and bullied because of their mental disability.
The character is also represented to act quite ‘slow’ as after this shot he attempts to defend himself by fighting back, where he only succeeds in kicking the air. This again suggests that people with the disability are represented to be weak or defenceless. The disability is again represented to show the character as ‘slow’ because of his way of communication and lack of social skills. This is shown by the way that he speaks; he has a deep voice and talks reasonably slowly, as though he has to think about what he is saying. This could suggest that people with the disability suffer from interacting or engaging with other people.
His facial expressions represent that he lacks communication and listening skills because he tends to look down towards the floor. He also tends to usually have a frown upon his face as though he perhaps doesn’t want to be talking or communicating with anyone. This again suggests he might not be very sociable which represents people with the disability to lack social skills. This could also suggest that they also lack common sense. Therefore, it could imply that people with the disability are childish or immature, although they cannot help it.
He is also represented to look like the stereotypical ‘nerd’. This is shown by the way that he dresses and the big round specs that he wears. He also doesn’t look like he does any style etc. to his hair, or make much of an effort with his appearance. This could therefore suggest that is the reason as to why he gets bullied. Therefore, we get the impression that people who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome have a geeky character. However, we know that due to their mental disability that they aren’t represented to be very clever.

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