Thursday, 11 November 2010

Identify the audience for Moon by using examples from the film

The main audience for the film are sci-fi lovers. I think the film consists of one of the four quadrant pictures. The quadrant picture I think that fits in best with the film is men over the age of 24.

The stereotypical view I get of a sci-fi film would be 'boring' as I assume that I would not find space particularly interesting. Therefore I assumed that I would not have any interest in watching 'Moon' whatsoever. This would also be a similar view as to people that fit in the other 3 quadrants (males under 25, females under 25, females over 25) as they would be put off watching the film because of what is associated with the genre.

Personally, from watching the film I enjoyed watching it. Overall, I found it rather interesting. This was because it is very different and nothing like I usually watch. Therefore, although the main quadrant for the film would consist of men over the age of 25 that like sci-fi, other quadrants could also find a particular interest in the film if they actually watched it. This shows that we have a stereotypical view of sci-fi films being 'boring', which is not necessarily the case.

However, I wouldn’t be that bothered if I were to watch the film again or buy it on DVD for example and therefore although other quadrants like myself might like the film, they may have the same opinion and not want to watch it again. Therefore, this is why the film doesn’t attract any other quadrants because it would cost a lot more extra money to market the film for advertisement to gain these quadrants. This would result in a waste of time and finance as they wouldn’t gain the quadrants if they were only interested in watching the film once.

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  1. Becky. Try and work on your final paragraph. This is where you need to tackle the complex issue of marketing. You enjoyed this film yet due to budget constraints it had never been 'pitched' at you. How much does a films success rely on a production companies ability to fund a marketing campaign and hire well know actors rather than whether a film is actually and 'good'?

    A good effort though. Well done.