Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Denotation - what you see
Connotation - what is implied
180 degree rule - action occurs in front of 'line'
Two shot - two people in the shot
Panning - pan across or out shows movement
Over the shoulder shot - conversation
Established shot - 1st shot of film
Tracking/dollying shot - follow actor
Ambient sound - sound which makes the atmosphere
Low angle shot - looking up (implies power)
Eye line match - on same level for continuity
Tilting shot - 'tilt' camera
Steadicam - hand held camera, around the waist (documentaries)
Dissolve - shot fades into another
Canted shot - off centre
Zoom - get closer to the action
Compressed time - not actual time - shortened (editing effects)
Flashback - understanding of past or recent events
Montage - complication/group of images
Jump cut - cutting to a very different shot
Mise-en-scene - everything that's in a shot
POV (Point of view shot) - through the eyes of the character
Low key lighting - creates atmosphere
High key lighting - bright
Back lighting - lights from behind (glow/mystical)
Diegetic sound - part of the action
Non-diegetic sound - background sound (we can hear but characters cant) Asynchronous sound - sound that is added afterwards (dont match with action)
Synchronous sound - sound matches action/at the same time
Sound bridge - sound between two shots/soundtrack player before the end of scene, link of sound across action


  1. Brilliant; a comprehensive list of terminology. You can now refer to this when you are analysing media texts.

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