Thursday, 11 November 2010

What is Disibility?

Disability is a medical condition that restricts capability for someone to perform particular activities. It makes it difficult for people to engage in the normal activities of every-day life.

It is also known as the lack of a given ability in humans that are either physical, cognitive/metal, sensory, emotional or developmental.

Traditionally, in many cultures around the world, people with physical, sensory or mentally impairments were thought of as under the spell of witchcraft, possessed by demons or as penitent sinners that were being punished by God for 'wrong doing' by themselves or their parents.

Types of disabilities:
-    Emotional problems
-    Mental health problems
-    Behavioural problems
-    Learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia
-    Speech and language impairments
-    'Disfigurement'
-    Chronic illness/health issues e.g. HIV

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  1. I love the clip of 'Napoleon Dynamite'- an original choice! Thanks for your detailed posts this week on Disability.